Monday, February 26, 2007

One Night Affair

Yesterday, was the most awesome Sunday of my life EVER. Don't think anything can top going Muse's concert. Only Ijan, Charlene and I went for it. We met up in college at about 5 and headed for Stadium Negara straight away. We thought we were early, but by the time we got there, the place was already packed! So I parked and we headed to the stadium but then we decided to walk to Times Square for food. We had tepanyaki there. After dinner we walked back to the stadium and now there's tons more people around! Since the gates were not opened yet, we just stood there together with everyone else. Then at about 7 they opened the gates and we went in to our seats. Had to wait there for ages, seeing people get into the stadium. Suddenly at 8:50 the lights went out and Muse got on stage! Woooohoooo! Matt Bellamy sported a red sweater with red pants. They then kicked it off with Knights of Cydonia. Everyone was jumping and singing. The atmosphere was electric! Knights of Cydonia was totally kicking live! After that they played Hysteria and everyone went mental! Some of the other songs they performed was Butterflies & Hurricanes , Stockholm Syndrome, Feeling Good, Sing for Absolution, Soldier's Poem, Apocalypse Please, Newborn. MY favourite songs performed were Starlight, Plug-in Baby and Time is Running Out. The concert was a bit short for me, only lasting for 100 minutes. We wanted more, but sadly there was no encore. So we headed out and then headed to Ali Maju for supper. Sent the girls home and so did I. It was certainly one of the best moments of my life and I'd want to catch them live again. Hope its soon enough. :)

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Saturday Afternoon

It has been a while since I last updated about what I've been up to lately. For starters, I haven't been doing much so thats why I haven't update about it. And I still haven't been up to anything lately so that means this post will pretty much be crap. So I decided to write up about my college mates.

This is Shafizan. All of us call her Izan or Ijan. She hails from the land of Sarawak. I can't remember if I every saw her before, but I got to know her at the buka puasa steamboat all of us had. Ijan is very happy-go-lucky. She's smiling almost all the time. Ijan will always try and cheer up anyone thats sad or down. Especially Gilly. She's a very caring person and a very good listener. Very fitting for you to be come a psychologist or psychiatrist Ijan ;) She's my college lepak buddy. Haha. Usually we will hang around in college till about 9 or 10pm. Have fun back in Sarawak now Ijan!

This is the big guy, Adam. We usually call him Adam or Atam. Though he's big, he's very gentle and nice. Always the one to make all of us crack with his jokes. Never fails to make everyone laugh. Very smart and although he doesn't study. Hails from Rawang. You can hardly see me in college without him. It's like we're glued together or something. Got to know him back in my first semester when he was talking about hacking. XD He's also one of the few IT people among all of us. He's on holidays now, but his classes will start soon enough. Then he can join me and Ijan lepaking in college at night :P
Not to mention, the other hot guy in college besides me is Adam. Together we are the two hottest guys in college.

This is Gillian. The others call her Gilly, but I call her either Gilleh, or Billeh. Got to know her when me and Adam were teaching Kim and her IT. She was a bit sombong that time. In her own words, lansi! Gilly is very very very blur. She stones most of the time. Very smart and hardworking. Loves to play foosball. Now days, you can see her emo, so anyone that sees her emo-ing, go and tell her not to. If she still does, smack her. Gilly, stop eating, fat already :P You know I'm kidding Billeh XD and Gilly, read newspaper more!

This is Amir. Now days, we call him Amirruddin. He's one of em business students. He already started his 2nd year. But he always comes back to the dsa to lepak with all of us. Amir is weird. He is all hardcore and emo and all. dresses up rock-ish. But listens to hiphop. He will always be sms-ing. Can never see him without his phone in his hands. Amir has the mantap-est butt among us and all of us agree on that XD

This is Charlene Marie Samuel. Famously known as Leneh. Another weirdo :P, like Amir, because she looks like a rocker chick, but listens to hiphop XD She is usually the last one to arrive in college because her classes start late. I simply love to bug and annoy her. Especially early in the morning. She will always say that its too early in the morning for it. She has literally kicked my butt for no reason o.o but I just simply can't resist bugging her all day. Leneh, FAIL LA FAILLLLL. XD

This is Sugunthira Piragash. Better known as Kumar. If someone were to ask me if I know of any Malaysian, I'd point to Kumar. He speaks english, malay, tamil and cantonese. He may look gangsta and all but believe me, he's far from it. We call him Hero Tamil. Simply because he looks like a tamil hero in most of the pics I take of him. He is my foosball partner. Kumar main belakang, aku main depan o.o Currently just just inherited his brother's car and just made the decision to forget a certain someone. Carry on with the good work Kuuuuuumar. Kumar is also a sweet tooth and he can't drink for nuts. Seriously.

This is Kimberley Tan. I call her auntie Kim. Because she calls me uncle. I got to know her when Adam and I tutored her for IT. Kim can get stressed up easily at times, so Kim, chilllllll. I will annoy her the whole day in college, non-stop. Hence, she will end up smacking me, kicking me, pinching me or chase me in the dsa. She has soggy brain which needs to be corrected everytime anyone touches her head. She thinks she's fat. Which is absolutely not true. And she is a sweet tooth just like me and Kumar. Quite short as well :P and not forgetting she has OCD.

This is Fidi, but we call him pendek or kenit. He is the whackiest person ever. The things he does, my god. Fidi has no shame at all. NEVER bring him to the movies, or he will make you embarrassed. He absolutely loves football and is a devil when playing football. Can eat a lot for a small guy. People mistake him for a girl all the time. Tells stories about his life as if he's 90 years old. The things he and his siblings do, are simply amazing.

Sunday, February 11, 2007

Random Things About Aliff

1. He reads the newspaper back to front.

2. He strongly believes that vegetables is a government conspiracy to brainwash the population.

3. He is extremely shy no matter how loud you see he is.

4. He talks to his cats, cars, hamsters, and to himself.

5. He loves jeans, shirts, t-shirts, shoes and etc. (fashion)

6. He absolutely loves fine dressing.

7. He wants to get married by 24.

8. He has way too many perfumes.

9. He adores jewelery and fine watches and considers them art.

10. He always gets his heart broken before he ever will break a heart.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Pieces Don't Fit Anymore

People say that its hard to get over a relationship because we often think what could and would have been. I don't this is true. At least for me. Because I know for a fact what would have and could have been. What makes it hard to get over a relationship is the memories.memories continue to linger around. Everywhere u go, whatever you do, everything reminds you of it. Its just hard at times to let go of something you cherish. Something that you just want to continue having all your life. It just haunts you that you can't have it anymore. That you have to bury it deep inside until you can't remember it even exist. But it will still pop out again and tear you apart again. Over and over till theres not one bit of compassion left in you...

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Night Cruising

Most of the time, we take almost everything for granted. Not to say that I don't, I do. But most of the time I realise it soon enough. For some, the only realise it when its too late. Often we take the people we love the most for granted. We often hurt those dear to us. We often break those close to us.

We do things that hurt others more often than we realise it. To us the things we do are ordinary but towards others, it might be devastating. They would just laugh and smile but deep inside they hurt. We are often ignorant of others.

Many times, we are unaware of the people in front of us. The ones that are always there. We tend to overlook those who care for us with all their hearts. Those who genuinely want to make our lives better, those who really want to just see us smile. Those who are happy by just being there for you. Oftentimes, they are disappointed ...