Monday, August 24, 2009

Here's to you

Sitting here, hours after hearing the news. I still find it hard to accept that you're not here with us anymore. I shivered upon hearing the news. It can't be, I told myself. I am still telling myself that. No word can explain how much you mean to us. To me. You were the bravest, strongest person I know. Always prayed for your health and happiness. Will still pray for you now. You were such a great friend. I will miss you, and all the good times we had. Now I'm left with a promise I can't fulfill. I still owe you your birthday lunch =') God bless you Alia. We'll miss you. Al Fatihah.

Friday, August 21, 2009

21 past 5.

You wonder who does. If only you knew that I actually do.

Monday, August 17, 2009


After meeting the GT-R for a few times, I finally got to have a ride in it. To make the experience even better, R mode was on for all 3 setups. Hehehe. Being a car enthusiast, I've always wondered how exactly does it feel to accelerate under 5 seconds? Because the fastest car I've ever driver is my dad's 525i or my mom's CLK 230K. Which is already fast to begin with. So nothing ever prepared me for this experience.

The moment Alex started the car, my heart just stopped. I just sit in awe and listen to the V6 roar. We backed out of the driveway. I clicked in the seatbelt, eager for the journey to begin. "I'll have to wait till the transmission is up to temperature, so we won't be going so fast yet." Alex told us. I guess slow isn't really a vocab you have when you're driving such a car. He floored the pedal, and we were speeding through the neighbourhood. That single moment answered my earlier question. Now I know how it feels to accelerate under 5 seconds. Intersection after intersection passed firghteningly fast. Before I knew it, The Royal National Park.

Its the nearest thing I can imagine to be the Norderschlief. Twisting, winding roads. Small, tight lanes, Lined with trees and greeneries. Alex looked to his dash, and flicked 3 switches. 3 R's now light up on the dash. He wasted no time and floored the car. The sensation was unexplainable. Everything was just a blur. I only focused on the road ahead.

Turn after turn, my mind recalls back all the reviews I've read and saw regarding the GT-R. And now I finally understand what the articles were trying to say. At that moment, it could have only been any better if I were in the driver's seat. But my day has yet to come. For now, I'll just enjoy that day. Till a better one comes.

p.s. I have always wondered to myself who would need a 4 blade shaver? Because I've always thought the 3 blade ones were already good. Till today happened. I got myself a 5 blade shaver. The gadgetier in me just couldn't resist. Probably try them out tomorrow. =D