Tuesday, May 30, 2006


having been to klims for 3 times today, i realised something after i came home today. at the motorshow, you can see all the cars of today and also some sneak preview to the cars of the future. when i came home i watched the latest episode of top gear, again showing the latest of the automotive industry. from time to time we see our cars get better, faster and what-not. productions cars can even achieve 0-100kmph in under 3 seconds now! (example the Bugatti Veyron)

when we were young cars achieving the century sprint in 6 seconds is hell fast. heck cars accelerating 0-100 in under 6 seconds is still VERY fast now! question is, untill when will car manufacturers stop? till what limit will cars be in the future? if you say future cars will be like those concept cars created by manufacturers using fuel cell or hydrogen or electric, i'd say not. those cars will only be on the road when fossil fuel is licked clean of this planet. i know some of those "futuristic" cars are already sold and used all around the world. such as the hybrid cars mostly sold by the japanese marques. these cars are pretty much still a gimmick sadly.

back to the topic, when will this stop? when will they know when to stop? when they can make cars go 0-100 in 1 second? is that even plausible? or will it stop when a car can lap a track in a blink of an eye? will we be able to engineer such a thing? will we be able to break the law of nature to achieve that? importantly will we WANT to be able to do that? would we want to race in miliseconds?

to me, the auto industry is at its best rite now. i cant imagine it getting any better than this. ok, it will and of course i want it to be better. but not to the extent where i can achieve 100 from standstill in 1 second. no, i dont want that =/

actually its the same as everything that has to do with technology. like mobile phones. how small they gonna get? how good a camera will future phones be? maybe future phones will be able to have slr cameras built in it who knows?

well, only time will tell..

Sunday, May 28, 2006


the event i have been waiting for! is finally here! i can almost taste the cars before even seeing them!

pretty much started the day late, went for friday prayers . then got home and got ready to go out. guess what? mum left before giving me money. so had to wait for her to come back before i can go out. after much waiting, turn out she went to tesco. =_=;; great. so i headed towards tesco to get money from her there. after i got my moolah, i floored the throttle and head towards bangsar as sayang was waiting there. got at college and then went to have lunch at rice bowl with sayang and the whole lot. after that we left college and headed towards klcc but it was raining cats and dogs and that made the whole of kl jammed up. great. but i squeezed here and there to get to klcc sooner. after sayang finished buying her stuff, we headed towards GE mall next. while passing through to drop sayang off, i saw dad sitting at starbucks i think. dang it, i think i cant go around ampang much now as dad spends quite alot of his time there meeting people. then i said goodbye to sayang as she had to go do her hair and has to leave for UK that night.

headed towards PWTC as adam and the others are already there. roads were very jammed up. had to really figure out my routes well that day. then somewhere along chow kit, i missed the integral turning to go to PWTC. effin smart. had to figure out some other way to get to PWTC. then when we finally got to PWTC, we encountered another problem, parking space. after a few rounds of searching, wengchi's phone call brought me luck. an empty slot. :D rushed up to the lobby and headed straight to the ticket counter. my first sight was a familiar figure towering from all the others - adam dewind. we bought the tickets and headed in. had to walk quite a distance to get to the first hall. then it was show time! ferrari's 2003 f1 car greeted us. adam was practically wet seeing the sight of that car. he didnt even notice the skimpyly clad girl on the car. we were busy walking around. i was busy taking pics of the nice nice cars. lotus cars were the only nice cars in the first hall. in the next hall we were greeted with more nice cars. first booth was the nissan one. the 350Z was just so pretty. then there was the naza booth, and thats about all i remembered of the 2nd hall. 3rd hall i think there was the mitsubishi cars and alot more. i sat in the colt evo. i was very very nice car to be in. the clutch was smooth, gear change was fluid and the bucket seats were to die for. i wish i had those seats in my car.

as we walked towards the last hall, i was wondering where the super cars mentioned in the website were. they were no where to be seen. i felt cheated. so we just to tired to walk around anymore so we headed for the exit. by jolly, i felt like i've died and went to heaven. a magnificent line up of supercars in front of me! :D

the enzo, zonda, hamann f430, m5, m6, carrera gt, gallardo. all that plus a lot more rare machinery in front of me. really made me happy. damn you naza! >.<

sayang is in the UK now. please come home soon sayang. i miss you :(

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Toyota Sportivo Concept Posted by Picasa

BMW M5 Posted by Picasa

Ferrari Enzo Posted by Picasa

Lamborghini Gallardo Posted by Picasa

Mercedes McLaren SLR Posted by Picasa

Mercedes McLaren SLR Posted by Picasa

Mercedes Mclaren SLR Posted by Picasa

Mercedes Mclaren SLR Posted by Picasa

Nissan Sports Concept Posted by Picasa

Nissan Sports Concept Posted by Picasa

Nissan Sports Concept Posted by Picasa

Lotus track car Posted by Picasa

Nissan 350Z Roadster Posted by Picasa

Lotus Europa S Posted by Picasa

Lotus Exige S  Posted by Picasa

Lotus APX  Posted by Picasa

just like it says ;) Posted by Picasa

Mazda MX-5 (urrm, dont mind due, he was urm.....) Posted by Picasa

Ford Focus ST Posted by Picasa

Lotus APX Posted by Picasa

Mitsubishi Evo IX Posted by Picasa

Nismo 350Z Posted by Picasa

BMW M5 Posted by Picasa

BMW M6 Posted by Picasa

Hamann Ferrari F430 Posted by Picasa